Young spastic male infantile cerebral palsy patient caused by birth complications sitting in a multifunctional wheelchair listening to music on headphones aided by a carer smiling with pleasure
Providing children and adults with the highest quality home nursing care is what we do at Brentwood. We offer superior nursing care that meets our patient’s needs as well as improves their quality of life.

We’re available whenever your need for care arises. No matter when you call us- day, night or on a holiday- you will always reach a full-time staff member who can promptly respond to your specific needs. We believe in providing the highest quality care delivered with extraordinary service, and we deliver on this mission with an outstanding team of RN”S and LPN’s who go above and beyond to create an environment of comfort, consistency, and normalcy for our patients and their families.

We consider it both a privilege and an honor when we are able to welcome a new patient into our Brentwood family. Our care is always delivered from a place of heartfelt compassion and empathy, and our clinical, operational and client relations teams work together in a unique synergy to deliver care that exceeds expectations- care that you would expect from those that care most about you-family.

When patient care matters most, turn to Brentwood Health Care Inc.

Private Care, Available Any Time

At Brentwood, Registered and Licensed practical nurses perform their jobs around the clock. Patients range in age from infants to older adults, and each is ensured the highest standard of care during his or her stay.

Complete Health Services

Keeping you healthy and happy during treatment requires a number of steps. From assisting you with medication to providing ventilator care, nurses are responsible for a series of treatment services. RNs and LPNs are available to assist patients of all ages with some of the following :

Gastronomy Care
Tracheotomy Care
Ventilator Care
Medication & Injection Administration
Respiratory Treatments
Spinal Cord Injury Nursing Care
Neuro Muscular Diseases

A Fully Accredited Agency

CAHC Certificate
Brentwood Health Care has received full Accreditation with a Distinction rating for skilled nursing from the New Jersey Commission on Accreditation for Home Care. When you work with our agency on your plan of care, you can rest easy knowing that you are receiving the highest standard of nursing possible.

Contact Brentwood Health Care for current home health care nursing positions in Central New Jersey.