Doctor checking on child's ear


Brentwood is committed to providing exceptional care to the patients we serve allowing them to remain as independent as possible while safely at home. We promise to provide our clinicians with the education, support and tools they need to help us provide exceptional, compassionate care.


Brentwood’s vision is to be central New Jersey’s leading provider of home care nursing services, enriching the lives of others by being innovative and responsive to the needs of the people living in our community. We do this by:

  • Embracing a commitment to excellence in the care we provide to our patients as well as the relationships we build with our referral sources.
  • Encouraging a culture of education; continuously developing our clinicians, our most important resource, and offering comprehensive orientation and ongoing education in clinical practice and the latest home based technologies.
  • Developing innovative solutions to drive growth and additional opportunities for all our employees.
  • Building partnerships with our patients and their families; educating and empowering them with the abilities and knowledge to care for their loved one in their home environment. We do this by balancing the psychosocial and emotional needs of the entire family with the medical needs of our clients.


Brentwood Health Care is committed to enriching the lives of others, by being responsive to the needs of the people living in our communities. The staff at Brentwood Health Care is committed to understanding the unique challenges of those we serve. We enter into a partnership with our patients and their families to educate, support and empower them. We help them by giving them the knowledge and ability to care for their loved ones and themselves in their homes. Our qualified clinicians offer a unique blend of compassion and expertise to those we serve, ensuring a safe, competent and nurturing environment that balances the emotional and physical needs of our families with the medical needs of our patients. We are passionate about enabling our patients ability to remain in the comfort of their own home surrounded by those most important to them.