Who Is Brentwood?

Since our founding, caring for our clients has been at the heart of everything we do at Brentwood Home Health Care. That’s why, in 1992 founder and president Jeffrey Copeland began an initiative to refine and express the company’s shared beliefs- the kind of core values that our nurses live out every day and make us stand out as a home care provider in Central New Jersey. It’s about delivering home care with compassion, excellence and reliability. It means empowering our clients to have a home life with comfort and dignity. Because here at Brentwood we care for clients in a way we’d want our own families to be cared for. With headquarters in Red Bank, NJ our office will try to arrange home care assignments so you can find work close to your home and one that fits into your schedule. As an integral member of the Brentwood family, you’ll help us fulfill our promise and make an impact right in our clients’ homes. When you’re set up for success with rewarding work, ongoing career development, and compassionate colleagues, you’ll feel a sense of purpose with opportunities that impact the lives of children and adults.

Contact Brentwood to apply for home nursing care positions in central New Jersey. Our agency is currently looking for RN and LPN’s in Central New Jersey.